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Future-AI | Introduction

I am the Future. AI for solutions.
Future-AI is a fully decentralized, self-managed wallet protocol that allows our investors to easily and securely interact with their tokens, all supported by superior risk analysis and smart contract management tools. Our Future-AI protocol is a non-custodial one, in which we create a new ecosystem of automated digital asset management that utilizes AI with analytical data and makes it available to users
Mission | Future-AI
Our main mission is to utilize AI and all DeFi technologies to integrate democratic and decentralized properties. We will provide our investors with a bot for social networks (Telegram, Discord and Twitter) and character creation through AI (personalities, voices, bodies, using natural language) among other applications that we will offer to our audience.
A world of possibilities for our collective creativity
We at Future AI seek to bring to the world a way to make the most of AI functionality, with the development of various products for our investors.
is an intelligent metaverse in AI Protocol. It allows a friendly interaction with the protocol, making it easy to create smart NFTs (iNFTs). It also enables AI media generation, intelligence updates, and access to AI services. (Coming Soon)
Future AI Character is a dApp built to allow the generation of AI Characters for various use cases. (Coming Soon)
Our bot will be totally free, where any Telegram user will have access.
Transparency is a pillar of Future-AI, and with that in mind, we are developing protocols for feedback and suggestions from our investors, making it a highly applicable resource for promoting open and transparent communication.
We will have a copy trader protocol, which will enable beginner investors to minimize risks and be efficient
We intend to offer a powerful decentralized ecosystem, with a big goal for the future!
By locking up tokens on our platform, you can receive rewards depending on the staking duration, and the number of token stakes.
he interest paid is calculated in annual terms. So a yield farming will pay 0%.
The FUTURE-AI bridge is an innovative and highly necessary solution in the cryptocurrency market. With it, users can maximize the advantages of different networks, easily, quickly and securely.
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