Future AI


The pools are divided into tranches, each with its own unique properties. There are three user-facing tier for LPs to add liquidity and two back-end tier that exist only at the smart contract level to provide LPs with additional optionality when adding liquidity. The risky, high-interest tier (tier A) earns interest according to its principal contribution multiplied by the tier tier's interest multiplier.
The tier interest multiplier is standardized to 10.
As a result, LPs in tier A earn 10 times more interest than they would without the future-AI, similarly LPs in tier AA earn 1/10th of the interest they would normally earn.
TIER AA-> LPs that add liquidity to tier AA earn less interest, but are covered in the event of a loss of platform risk. This covered capital comes from the principal and interest of the LPs in tier A. LPs in tier AA are awarded 80% of the FUTURE-AI token generation.
TIER A-> LPs who add liquidity to tier A earn more interest, but lose principal and interest in the event of loss of platform risk. tier A LPs earn 10% of the FUTURE-AI tokens generated per season. FUTURE-AI gains are not included in the first loss coverage for tier AA LPs.
TIER S -> tier S earns 10% of the FUTURE-AI generated per season. The system uses the S tier to balance the A and AA tier so that they are always in perfect balance with each other, so that the tier interest multiplier is maintained at its exact value. For example, with a tier interest multiplier of 10, the AA:A ratio in a portfolio is always 10:1.