Future AI

iNFT Protocol

A smart contract layer on a blockchain that allows anyone to create a non-fungible smart token (iNFT).
Once merged with the Personality Pod, the NFT gains unique intelligence and personality. This is because the Personality Pod consists of several personality traits in a chain that shapes the iNFT's overall personality while dictating the iNFT's intelligence. In fact, the iNFT protocol has an immutable record of mergers between NFTs and Personality Pods. As long as the NFT remains merged with the Personality Pod, it is considered an iNFT.On a technical level, the merger act involves locking the Personality Pod within the iNFT protocol smart contracts, so that NFT users are not completely free.
This means that the iNFT protocol is designed with a non-binding structure. This architecture allows users to transform their NFTs into iNFTs without the protocol requiring custody (locking, staking, packaging, swapping) or applying other changes to the underlying NFT. Thus, users can use their NFTs outside of the iNFT protocol and reduce the risk of losing valuable NFTs due to a bug or attack on the iNFT protocol's smart contracts.