Future AI

Future-AI Metaverse

The Future-AI team is creating an Intelligent Metaverse called Future-AI iNFT'S on the iNFT Protocol, which will help preserve and evolve the collective culture and intelligence of the human species through the medium of Non-Fungible Intelligent Tokens.
An iNFT is the perfect Lego Metaverse. It is a unique AI-powered digital asset that has its own personality and property managed on blockchain. In other words, an iNFT brings to life the unique digital item underlying its NFT, using the generative powers of artificial intelligence. The iNFT Standard represents a fundamental shift in the combination of two exponential technologies (AI and blockchain) that are destined to transform the world.
The Future-AI team chose the medium of iNFTs to preserve our shared history and culture for their decentralized nature, blockchain provenance, symbolic incentives, and fusion with artificial intelligence. This is because, at their very essence, iNFTs are personalities generated on the AI blockchain and are the perfect Metaverse Legos. And it is through culturally significant personalities, bringing into chain those who have shaped our history, decentralizing the truths about those who have left a mark on our collective consciousness, that we really take the first steps towards preserving and owning our collective culture.