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Before we start the integration of the governance token, we will cover some concepts of it, such as:

What is a governance token?

We can understand the governance token as a type of token that allows its owner to contribute directly to the organization responsible for issuing it. The contribution occurs through votes, which can be aimed at various decisions, such as, for example:
  • Parameters
  • Protocol updates
This is where the governance token shines. It will be responsible for ensuring, in a secure way, the interaction of groups of people to "define the future" of organizations, without the need, theoretically, of people in high hierarchical positions.


All our $FUTURE-AI investors will be entitled to vote on proposals relevant to our protocol, regardless of whether they are held in your portfolios (staking smart contracts) or even in other chains such as Eth and BSC
$FUTURE-AI Governance Process
we will submit the proposals to DAOgovernance, where $FUTURE-AI investors will participate through the forum and in the future on the AI metaverse and will vote, and based on the votes, updates will be enacted