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What are the uses of GPT-3?

As said, GPT-3 is a super-advanced natural language model that can be applied to perform many different kinds of tasks. Here are some functions that the AI is capable of performing!

Linguistic Features
The richness of GPT-3's linguistic resources is one of the most impressive features of this system. Just like us, the AI can produce texts employing varied grammatical elements, which makes its contents more attractive, fluid, and easy to understand. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the tool has a database of 175 billion parameters.
Practical applications
In practice, GPT-3 can be used in different applications and there are already several cases where the tool has been applied precisely to test its potential. One example of a task that the program is capable of accomplishing is rewriting texts that have been written with a rough tone to make them more user-friendly.
Another case is the creation of customized layouts: just describe the type of layout you want and the program will return the code. There is also the possibility of applying GPT-3 with chatbots - after all, with the model's prediction capabilities, it is likely that its application will facilitate the creation of virtual assistants that better simulate human interaction!