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Have you heard about GPT-3 but haven't quite understood why everyone is talking about it?

For a long time we have been hearing that machines will replace us. At first we always think of repetitive, low-complexity tasks that can be easily automated.The tasks have gained complexity and today there is a huge range of complex tasks that are easily done using Artificial Intelligence.Anyway, there are some things that will never be replaceable, because the differential is the essence, that human touch.Or will it be that not even this, not even the tasks that today we consider irreplaceable, will be saved?
This is where GPT-3 comes in. Generative Pre-Training in its third version, i.e. GPT-3, is causing quite a stir in the technology scene recently because of its amazing ability to handle our natural language.
What is GPT-3?
In simple terms, GPT-3 is a framework with more than 175 billion parameters that uses Deep Learning to perform many tasks related to Natural Language Processing.
It can generate text based on the style of famous writers, write from a requirement or small example, and even answer philosophical questions.But despite limited access so far, some of the teams that have tested the framework have already achieved amazing results. Machine Learning Engineer Aditya Joshi has created applications such as a revenue generator, ad generator for Google, and an extremely powerful Excel function.
In addition, there have been tests where he has been able to create code in several programming languages. This opens up an incredible range of possibilities, which could include, for example, a website builder.Imagine opening a program where you write: "GPT-3, I want a website with features X, Y and Z", and it writes all the code for the website creation.